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Wedding Stories at The Yorktowne Hotel

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Have your picture perfect wedding at the historic Yorktowne Hotel, located at the heart of York, PA. Our elegant ballroom, exceptional service and cuisine will make your special day truly unforgettable. The personalized service provided by our staff will ensure no detail is overlooked. Please take some time to read stories from our past brides, with each story being as unique as the bride herself.

Nicole & Brock

Although my husband and I live and work in Washington, D.C., we are both from Pennsylvania, so we decided to have our wedding in my hometown of York instead of D.C. to make traveling easier for our families.

Before we even started the planning process, my husband's first question to me was, “In your opinion, where is the classiest place in York to have a wedding reception?” My first and immediate answer was the Yorktowne Hotel. But to be honest, I was concerned about what the event may cost since the hotel is so historic and has such a great reputation.

To our surprise, Yorktowne's prices were very competitive with other venues in the area. We immediately put down a deposit after a quick visit to check out the venue. We cancelled all of our other appointments that day. We knew we didn't need to look any further. The Yorktowne was the right place for us.

We received so many compliments from our guests about the reception: delicious food, friendly service, beautiful location. It was absolutely perfect.

What really made the reception so wonderful though was the staff. I cannot speak highly enough about Yorktowne's wedding coordinator, Layla. She is simply phenomenal at what she does. Extremely professional and responsive. There was no question or request too big or too small. And she was extremely organized with my requests, which helped put my mind at ease about the big day.

Now that the wedding has come and gone, the single most important thing I learned through the wedding planning process is that there is so much that can and will go wrong on your wedding day no matter how hard you try to fight it---your flowers may not look as requested, your hair may not be perfect, the weather may not cooperate. What I can say though is that if you book the Yorktowne for your ceremony or reception, things will be exactly as you want them. Any bride can tell you how priceless that is. And it's all because of the super staff.

The best wedding money we spent on our wedding day was for our reception at the Yorktowne Hotel. There is no question about that, and my husband and I will continue to have fond memories of the event for the rest of our lives.


Nikki & Colin

We had our wedding reception at the Yorktowne Hotel in November 2010 and we couldn't have been happier. The Yorktowne was the first place we visited as a potential reception site and we loved every aspect of it, so much so that our search stopped there. Because of how elegant and upscale everything was, we assumed the price would be well beyond our pretty tight budget, but we were pleasantly surprised when we found it wasn't! The Yorktowne's package included everything—open bar, the room rental, champagne toasts for everyone, a complimentary suite for us the night of the wedding, and the list went on and on. Our favorite thing was that it even included a beautiful and delicious cake from the best bakery in York (Providence Divine Cakes & Pastries). When it came to the staff, we couldn't have asked for more. The coordinator we worked with, Layla Sharnetzka, was so helpful every step of the way—responding to our email questions, phone calls, meeting to discuss specifics for the big day. The staff the day of the event was superb as well, from the servers to the bartenders, just so very professional and helpful.

Our favorite moments from our wedding day included pulling up in the limo outside of the Yorktowne's beautiful historic brick front with revolving doors while onlookers watched our grand entrance. Another favorite was the balcony up above the ballroom where you can see your guests and look out over the beautifully decorated George Washington room. The candlelight gave this room the most elegant, radiant glow.

There were so many great photo spots too. Among our favorites were out in front of the Yorktowne, beside the elevators and near the piano in the lobby. We couldn't have found a more elegant and chic venue.

Our wedding day was the best day of our lives, and we continue to receive compliments about how wonderful everything was. The main things we were looking for in a venue were: beautiful location, delicious food, and many “extras” included, all at an affordable price, and the Yorktowne absolutely delivered. We would recommend the Yorktowne Hotel to any couple considering it for their wedding venue.


Sarah & Mike

My husband and I were married at The Yorktowne Hotel in June 2010. When looking for a venue, we wanted three things; a beautiful location, great food options, and the comfort of knowing we would have great help throughout the process of planning our wedding. The Yorktowne's wedding package was by far the best deal for the price. We were so impressed with the amenities that were available for us! We loved the idea that our guests would not have to travel once they were in the hotel.

We had our wedding ceremony, reception, and a breakfast the next morning all at The Yorktowne. It was also important to us that our guests were offered great food options at our wedding. The food choices were some of the best that we looked at during our search for a venue. It was also an additional perk that Providence, an amazing baker in York, was linked with The Yorktowne. So not only did we have amazing food for our guests, but also a beautiful and scrumptious cake!

Lastly, Jill Delaney and Layla Sharnetzka could not have been more accommodating. No matter how many appointments we wanted to make to schedule every last detail, or how many phone calls or emails were sent and made to have questions answered, Jill and Layla were there to help with every detail of our wedding. It is so important to have people that you can rely on the day of your wedding. Things happen so quickly that day, and it was such a relief to know that they were both there to help us remember to take in all of the wonderful memories! We would highly recommend The Yorktowne Hotel! Their heritage, service, and wedding packages make them the best choice to celebrate your special occasion!


Amanda & Cody

As a wedding planner, my major stress was how I was going to take care of everything that needed to be overseen the day of the wedding. Once Cody and I chose to hold our wedding at the Yorktowne Hotel all of that stress melted away because I knew that I was in good hands. All of the staff went above and beyond making sure every picky detail I planned went off without a hitch.

The most memorable parts of our wedding day were actually the unplanned moments. Like when I got the giggles during our vows and laughed when I said ..."for richer or poorer." Or when I took my shoes off during our choreographed first dance and wound up slipping on my dress and falling right on my "tushy". Everything was ok because my husband and everyone else just laughed right with me.

My husband and I are so thankful that we chose to hold our ceremony and reception at the Yorktowne Hotel because we were treated with such care. We knew that we weren't just another couple getting married. We felt at ease because we knew that everything would be taken care of and there were staff members who cared about our wedding as much as we did."


Mary & Michael

We can honestly say our wedding day was the best moment of our lives. From all the preparations to each and every final touch, everything seemed to flow perfectly on that final day. With family and friends surrounding us, giving us all of their love and support, we felt as if we were right where we belonged. Nothing made us happier than to be in each other's arms with all the people we love around us. The moment I first walked down the aisle, I knew I was marrying my best friend and I couldn't wait to see where our journey would take us.

Our most memorable moments of the day included, our grand entrance for the first time as Mr. & Mrs. Rutherford and spending time in our 16-passenger, stretch Excursion limousine. Our entire bridal party and parents were able to join us for the initial toasts and celebration in the limousine. I don't think anyone could have been happier at that moment.

Choosing the Yorktowne for our reception was the best choice we could have made. With my parents being married at the hotel 25 years prior, it felt completely special to share that same part of the dream with my mom. I felt that the Yorktowne had so many wonderful benefits to offer. A crowd favorite at the reception was the bridal party having use of the balcony to overlook the cocktail hour and allowing me to toss my bouquet from up above. It made me feel like a princess. It was so great to have such a wonderful staff from the Yorktowne working hard to meet our needs and make our day so special. Everyone, from the event coordinators to the valets and everyone in between was very kind and helpful to us, as well as our guests. It is over a year later and people are still talking about our wedding and what a great evening it was.

Thank you very much for reading our story! The Yorktowne truly made our wedding day perfect!